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Eric Wessels for MN House

It’s the perfect time to join the influx and influence of the non-traditional politician.

About Me

Meet Eric J. Wessels

I am a graduate from Wartburg College in Waverly, IA where I was a two sport athlete and a biology major. I am a practicing Chiropractic Physician and my professional degree is from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN.

I played two seasons of American Football in Germany.  I have been a volunteer athletic trainer for multiple local high schools, featured on two episodes of Pros vs. Joes, a Sports reality show on the SpikeTV Network, and I continue to play summer baseball in a local men’s league. I’m involved with Wounded Warriors and Paralyzed Veterans of America. My hobbies include writing, as I am a self published author of two books and enjoy building furniture out of reclaimed barn wood.

Eric Wessels

Why I Am Running

Now is the time for me to join my family's legacy of service to this country that spans three generations and it's the perfect time for me to join the influx and influence of the non-traditional politician at the local and the national level.

Eric Wessels

Eric Wessels
Republican Candidate for MN Representative
Minnesota House District 48A


Health Care vs Coverage

Health care, almost universally, cannot be denied. The question is who bears the costs and what is the patient 's responsibility.

In the age of Obamacare healthcare provider choices have shrunk while patient deductibles have increased dramatically. Minnesota has long been known as a medical innovator. Let's require the same from our healthcare providers. Minnesota could lead the nation and open its borders and its markets to a national healthcare provider network. Increased competition has always brought out the best of industries in a defined space. Lower costs, improved products and customer loyalty are the shared rewards for the consumers and the providers and the health coverage industry could do the same.


Minnesota's current commitment to education spending is over 40% of the total state budget. Putting that into per student terms that number is $12,647 while Minnesotans, when asked, what the state spend per student responds $3,000. A four-fold gap between rhetoric and reality and worse yet, this spending shows no correlation to improved scores on standardized testing and actually proficiency in core subjects like reading and math have fallen in recent years. With this level of spending, how can it be possible that teachers lack the resources to successfully educate students. So what's the answer to the poor testing? Bureaucrats will answer with economic myopia and insist on greater spending and in Minnesota we have, but studies have shown administrative spending has surged while teacher's pay and money for classroom supplies has lagged. How we spend on education needs its own thorough examination and those results can reveal how best to allocate funds to maximize our investment in education. In stark contrast, private schools charge less for tuition than government schools spend but show better outcomes. Therefore, spending more is a poor plan, spending more wisely is a good one. The student should be the focus, not the system.

Fiscal Stewardship

Transparent and prudent use of tax payer funds. Minnesota democrats claim the budget surplus is a product of spending restraint, however since government produces nothing, accurate projections and accounting should produce a zero sum gain. Anything above dollar one is confiscatory and should be returned to the tax payer and not dumped into the never itemized morass of the "General Fund." This would certainly be prudent considering Minnesota's reserves currently sit around two billion dollars.

Minnesota's current estate tax exemption is three million dollars for 2020. Minnesota's larger family farms of this value and higher face significant tax burdens as ownership passes to the next generation. Raising our estate tax exemption to match the federal rate would help maintain family ownership and pride in Minnesota grown and limit the industrial takeover in agriculture.

Comprehensive Climate Change

Investigation and review of the costs and benefits of new and current power sources to the energy infrastructure. This should include current age and mechanical health of power sources, cost to recycle, repair or replace, impact on landfills, and availability and efficiency feeding the grid.

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